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(262) 534-5911                    123 N River St, Waterford WI 53185     

A Collective of Healers, Helpers, & Lightworkers. Energy Work, Yoga, Reiki, Sound, Crystals, & Herbs!

Our mission is to teach, empower, and commit our guests to a lifetime of health and wellness.

We are dedicated to bringing awareness to alternative healing practices for the Mind, Body and Soul.

We are committed to educating our community, offering top-notch services and products, and supplying everyone with the tools they need to continue their healing journey on their own while feeling empowered to do so.

We maintain the highest of standards when it comes to customer service, community outreach and community building.

We encourage everyone to shine bright, offering all walks of life our Light and Love. 

Address: 101 N Front St., Burlington, WI 53105

Phone: 414-241-8297

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