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(262) 534-5911                    123 N River St, Waterford WI 53185     

Changing A Destiny is a 501C3 nonprofit that helps families locally and internationally.

Internationally, their current big project is in Kenya to build a school in the middle of a remote village. Four years ago, during covid, they purchased two acres of land & built a church. Check out the YouTube channel for updates on the project.


Locally, they come alongside Life Choices, which is a nonprofit that helps single family moms. They provide support through education, counseling support, and providing family resources.  


Changing A Destiny is dedicated to instructing students and families in the ways of God’s Word, His love, mercy, and forgiveness. 

Address: 300 E Main St,  Waterford, WI 53185

Phone: 414-861-8749

Changing A Destiny on Facebook

Changing A Destiny on YouTube

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