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(262) 534-5911                    123 N River St, Waterford WI 53185     

My goal is to create an exceptional real estate experience by facilitating a smooth and educational outcome.

As a Realtor and coach with Keller Williams, I am passionate about empowering wealth creation for family, friends, and colleagues. With over 70 families and 40 new agents served in the past few years, I have found this work to be extremely rewarding. My primary geographic area is SE Wisconsin, and the KW network provides real estate expertise in pretty much any location, both nationally and internationally.

With over 30 years of corporate, private, and non-profit experience, I bring a passion for learning, serving, and sharing to every project. My extensive network and knowledge base span most regions and sectors of the economy, making me an invaluable resource for clients seeking creative problem-solving and tenacity in achieving their goals.

From middle school, I have had a focus on leadership and people development, which has led me to live, work, and study across the US, Mexico, Canada, Columbia, and England.

Whether you're looking for creative solutions to complex business challenges or seeking guidance on your next real estate venture, I am here to help. Based in Waterford, WI, I live with my husband Dave and our twin boys Jon and Shawn. My extended family is mostly located in Central Illinois, where Lexi and Clayton both live.

Address: 6233 Durand Ave Suite 102-3, Mt Pleasant, WI 53406

Phone: 262-514-2111


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